Mobile phones have become a basic necessity in all households both in the urban and rural areas. Although these vary from high end computing devices to a more basic one, SMS communication is accessible and affordable to all. Short message System based communication being cheap and widely spread in most areas in Kenya, CoELIB incubatees in M-FUGO From left: Miss. Sophie Miyumo, Mr. Richard Otworican be used to bridge the gap in agricultural information especially in the livestock value chain. Information between different actors in the livestock value chain is very limited thus leading to issues such as exploitation of farmers by middle men and the lack of essential information about the production of livestock, which would have otherwise increased productivity and in turn improve livelihoods. Due to this, M-FUGO was developed; an SMS based marketing and information system. This system will give farmers access to information with regards to the production of livestock as well as market information at a fairly affordable cost. This will play a very big role in improving the productivity of livestock.


• Link actors along the livestock value chain
• Farmers are able to access extension effectively

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